Monday, January 21, 2013

The new home of The Homebrew Dude

Many years ago I answered brewing questions from around the world on a friend's web site called  I thought it would be fun to start a blog where I could help out fellow brewers again and share the discoveries I've made during my own brewing sessions, so Brewnundrum was started.

In this blog I hope to explain in the scientific cause and empirically observable effect of what we do as brewers. George Fix did that really well in his second book An Analysis of Brewing Techniques. Every brewer needs "skills" in their arsenal so they can brew world class beers. I hope this blog helps explain brewing situations and how to handle them if you don't have an arsenal of scientific instruments at your disposal. I encourage everyone to develop their brewing "skills", know how to use them, recognize when they're needed and understand how they all work together so you can brew world class beers. Simple, right?

A little about me: I'm just a homebrewer, but I'm in my 20th year of brewing now. While not an active judge, I attained National Judge ranking with the BJCP. I've attended the Advanced Homebrewers course at the American Brewers Guild, the Introduction to Brewing course at the UCSD Extension, and the Introduction to Brewing Science at the UCR Extension. I've run beginning and intermediate homebrewers' classes, made many presentations at homebrew club meetings, done several all-grain brewing demonstrations for local homebrew supply stores. I am also a past president of the Crown of the Valley Brewing Society. 

Several of my beers have won, or placed 2nd at the AHA National Homebrew Contest (regional round) and at the America's Finest City brewing Contest. While I brew all styles of beer and hard cider too, my current focus is on brewing beautiful, varied Saisons, Trappist style ales and the Soured 7 barrel project which Scott Bennett has mentioned in his blog previously. 

Needless to say, my homebrewing friends think I'm a bit of a brewing geek. My style of brewing is very grounded in the creative craft side of home brewing, but it is also well grounded in scientific and mathematical brewing principals....I brew by the numbers as I say because they tell me a story.

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